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  1. @CopenhaguenLink Could you add a province on the southern tip of the delmarva peninsula for virginia please, if you haven't already.
  2. Go to tab labeled #download link on discord then scroll up otherwise ask on the discord for the link.
  3. @srboljubac99 Mod not out yet it releases sometime in June, July, August or September.
  4. @Wafleboi This mod is becoming apart of a upcoming mod made by the same developer age of imperialism here is the discord link for age of imperialism. https://discord.gg/nxzqbKVqUn
  5. @Deniz Sahin Akkaya Ok so I get why you think its bad but this is the first version of the mod so more content will probably be added later.
  6. @Deniz Sahin Akkaya But this mod isn't even finished, so how is it bad?
  7. @cearamapp3_ No exact date yet possible to release in June, July, August or September.
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