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  1. technically, Aktau still exists but now only available in the aftermath of the collapse of Taboritsky's Russia, and with a new name, and became like some sort of Kazakh Omsk
  2. The font looks good and is close enough to the actual TNO font
  3. I agree, we need to let Aryan have all the time, who are we to interrupt his IRL life? We should wait more, for the reasons you say
  4. Here is the end of my Vyatka campaign. reunited all Russia plus took rest of Central Asia, switched ideology to AuthDem and renamed to Second Russian Empire. not much compared to Omsk but still alot
  5. Here is the end of my Omsk campaign. I reunited Russia plus i took back all Russian Empire lands plus some more territory. I renamed West Siberian Provisional Authority into the name used after superregional unification before conquering so much land. and after taking Moskowien, i moved capital from Omsk to Moscow to truly represent Reclamation
  6. Agreed. and i am planning to create a Discord server specifically for Aryan's mod. on the server, all HOI4 and AOH2 fans will be welcome, as long as they like TNO the most and want to play Aryan's mod
  7. @Aryanwhen you can resume work on the mod, remember about the other forms of governments in the RKs
  8. Not yet. all Russian warlords only have regional unification, not superregional too
  9. i suppose Nuclear War happens if i complete the Omsk campaign? in some games i played, i saw Japan and other Co-Prosperity states invading USA and nothing happened Nuclear War should be more often so as to symbolize the risk of playing as any of the major factions
  10. let Aryan finish the work, don't push him, he has studies
  11. i want DSR, Armeeverband Freies Europa, SS Civil War, Gang of Four, Post-Taboritsky Russia, and Thermonuclear War to be all added
  12. 1972 is the end date of TNO1. some said TNO2's end date is 1982, and that TNO3 will get into the 1990s Post-Taboritsky Russia apparently also has an event mentioning the 2010s, because of smartphones
  13. about Russian states, i think Samara annexing all southern Urals bug should be fixed and not having that happen anymore if anybody else unifies the area. and all Komi people (for example Tabby or Gummy, or any others in there) should gain 15.000 $ when they take over in 1963, and have Syktyvkar and Veliky Ustyug to be 100% stable when a new leader (all potential Komi leaders) takes over Komi, to make it easier to play as anyone from Komi Omsk, when Yazov takes over, should gain 13.000 $ to make conquest easier Amur should have 10.000 $, and Chita to have 7500 $ add Hyperborea as
  14. I personally think it should be a 40% chance Moskowien will collapse, if you want to have it. but i agree with low chances if you want so, Fair enough Very excited for the post-Taboritsky content, i think will choose playing either Altunin's WRRF (which is not actually called WRRF but NRLF. I call it as Altunin's WRRF because Altunin leads it and he was a WRRF officer originally, has a flag similar to WRRF, and all his territory more or less matches WRRF territory), Christian Samara (IMO it is the Divine Mandate of post-Taboritsky Russia), Redeemed Black League (The Great Trial will not b
  15. cool. I think somehow the odds of Moskowien collapsing more often would give more difficulty for Germany when it comes to fighting unified Russia, and to have more warlord states in Russia between unified Russia and Germany. this is what i like about Moskowien collapsing more often, it would give advantage to Russia As for Russian warlords in general, i think Radio Silence (for post-Taboritsky Russia only, and to have it happen at some point in 1972-73 when Taboritsky dies) and the post-Taboritsky warlords should be added too. Radio Silence would have its capital somewhere in the northern
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