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  1. As the khamag mongolia formed the mongol empire. Have the entire region of Rus as vassal states. song and jin dynasty are going. Looking to invade the two but in a weak position,been raiding into the Russian states,europe, antolia, japan not for annexation but to weaken their nations therefore i have developed a incredibly sour relations with the entire world basically. Even my vassals don't like me,but that's fine any rebellion, uprising will be met with brutal force. Looking to doom europe soon I'll probably Colonize siberian lands make my way to north america
  2. Also take in consideration it took until 1480s to form spain so they had the time to expand.
  3. Set the population to maximum and conbine all the territories that is for sure 1million or more.
  4. As spain colonized most of modern day USA mexico the caribbean,parts of south america the philippines and the west sahara.(in sandbox mode) Had a couple of interesting things happen including. Conflicts: the(so far) 50 years war between england and france. There have been atleast 2-3 million fatalities wich is horrendous for both sides,france also naval invaded england that went pretty badly. The 7 year long european war(prior to the 50 years one) england owned the port of Calais wich was the last territory i needed to form Habsburg spain so I mobilized half a million men
  5. As the USA managed to Revive great britain from the ashes,got several south american countries as vassals (money bags) Other interesting things: china wanted independence got smacked by japan,afrika is battleground between Germany,italy(italy won) The commies are making a comeback,helped brazil fight the venezuelan guerillas, Looking to secure the 2 continents before restoring democracy to the world. To aryan:this game is awesome! Love your work.
  6. Ok mister dolphine understood
  7. Is it available on Android?!?! If Soo are there events?
  8. Holy sh#t. What was that beef between y'all?
  9. By far the biggest improvement in a mod,Nice job.
  10. You God Damned fake german! With your little as boy scouts
  11. Anyone who has the time/Resources to make a scenario lasting from 1910-1933. Add events that benefit/make it worse for the Nations. For example the german empire gets the option to mobilize men on either the eastern/western front,but it has disadvantages Economy -2% Population-5% Happiness -10% I would really appreciate if somehow the ww1 part of it would be slower, because you know trench warfare and all. Overall it would take a long time,but in the end would be awesome to play....
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