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  1. image.thumb.png.2d18ad1c1c8c4f58e287e47346a8c4a5.pngPlease, Lukasz, fix your game. Having this stupid AI makes it unplayable 



      i cant even finish my turn without a random neutral country invading meimage.thumb.png.6689d2a5f4f273077aff8b635d33adec.png

  2. Spoiler alert: events are garbage, just delete them, or spend time doing them properly when you download it
  3. it doesnt help. i cant see what keys youre pressing you could have at least add a text saying what youre doing
  4. Universe - Milky way galaxy - Solar system - Earth - Eurafrasia - Europe - South East Europe - Balkan - Former Yugoslavia - Former Serbia and montenegro - Serbia with Kosovo - Serbia without Kosovo - Serbia without Vojvodina region - Belgrade Province - Belgrade city with surroundings - Belgrade city - Downtown (cant mention, privacy reasons) - My street (cant mention, privacy reasons) - My Building - My apartment - My room - The desk im typing this on
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