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  1. Who knows if you can download this version of the game. I just found a lot of cool changes in it that were not added to the final version of aoc 2, I think when accessing this version I can return some changes to the current game, a vivid example is the mechanics of trade zones, I managed to return the editor of these zones, but they are not added
  2. Yes, I was not at home and I just wanted to rest
  3. the virgin aoc2 europe vs the chad bloody europe 2


  4. Can You Teach Me How To Change The Code



      I Want To Know

  5. Now military fatigue is growing faster by 20%, I did this for the difference between decreasing military fatigue and increasing it, this difference was very small.
  6. I already said before, try to COMPLETELY remove java from your PC and install a new version of java it is advisable to delete through the control panel -> programs -> uninstall programs
  7. It takes a lot of time and effort to solve the problem, and it’s not a fact that it’s going to be lost. The game seems to be simple, but there are moments that could be facilitated, at the same time, without changing the complexity of the game. An example is that you can build many buildings at once with one click in several provinces, this would make the game easier, but at the same time the difficulty would not change.
  8. I know that this does not apply to the mod and the game, but I wanted to share my work with you) I am of course studying, so I decided to do something simple, for example a clicker, but it's a normal clicker) I am in the future to do something global, for example, my grand strategy, in which the emphasis is on mechanics and gameplay in general
  9. on the one hand, this is quite interesting, since it offers an interesting experience in the game, but it seems to me that I need a modifier and not one value, so that this change changes from other indicators in the game, for example, population, economy, tech. development in one province, then this idea is quite interesting, and allows you to make attrition losses only from a large number of troops in one province, otherwise it may be stupid when one million army makes a landing on an island and can feed itself, although there are only let's say 30k population and 10k economy unit.
  10. I have never had such a thing, it's rather strange. Every time the game surprises me more and more
  11. When I am sure that everything is ready, then I will update the mod, you just have to wait)
  12. I'll try, by the way, the names may break due to the font size, try to reduce the font size in the game settings
  13. I made this value big, because of the opportunity to invest all my money in one province
  14. Investments now take 10 moves instead of 30, as before
  15. Hello everyone! Yes, what a terrible day yesterday was... I still have a few developments that I have not voiced, so expect every day, something interesting!
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