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  1. Introducing a new mechanic in the game - justifying the goals of war Now, in order to attack a country, you first need to justify the goal of the war against it. The player can choose when the pretext for war is ready, the minimum number of moves is 10. At the end of the moves, the war will be declared to the country automatically. I can say that playing has become more interesting and enjoyable with the mechanics of justifying the goals of war, it remains to teach the AI to use this mechanic. I must also say that this mechanic has a drawback, you need at least one ally to start just
  2. I don't like that either, in the real world I think that people would definitely not accept the seizure of their country. I had to weaken the rebels, since the main audience of the game is casual, with a new innovation that complicates the game, they start to resent, the game needs complications, when the game becomes more difficult, it becomes more interesting to play.
  3. I can say that it is worth it, but I can say that I am planning to make a map of the whole world
  4. I think there are so many countries, if I am not mistaken, then in this scenario there are more than 1006 countries, you have never seen such an indicator anywhere, in my opinion further development is pointless.
  5. Most likely, this is a problem of the game, the game starts to break with a large percentage of attack and defense (more than 100%) I have in the later stages of the game, it also happens due to a technological attack (I added the ability to depend on the attack on the technological level of the country, for example, the country has 80 technological points, and this gives her protection and attack + 80%
  6. to be honest, I don't remember, I changed several classes and methods in the code. There you need to associate several classes with a sub, as I said, I do not remember exactly which classes I edited.
  7. I can't tell you this, due to the fact that it is very difficult to do, it is not to change the value in the code, this is a valuable mechanic in the game, I can certainly explain it, but I think you will not be able to understand what code fragments need to be changed.
  8. Greetings, I would tell, but it is very difficult to do. If you want to play the vanilla game with surrender and the rest of the BE chips, then you can transfer the Bloody_Europe II.jar file from the BE mod folder to the vanilla game folder, this code is even compatible with the vanilla game.
  9. I changed the military fatigue, now it grows faster, I also changed the effect of the military fatigue, now with high military fatigue, the maintenance of the army is greatly increased.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, you can use a game bug, Look, you are in spectator mode and want to play for the country. Exit to the main menu, then click the editor (just go into it) and then exit it (without changing anything) then click "continue the game" You will have the opportunity to change the scenario settings and select the country for which hateli to play.
  11. You will not open the code with notepad, if on a pc, then you need to compile from a jar file into code and consider it already in a special program (though I don't remember what kind of program) then you need to compile the class or the necessary part of the code. This part of the code must be changed and compiled again, after which the changed code must be inserted into the game code.
  12. The archive contains a folder in this folder, there is a file Bloody_Europe II.jar If you open an archive, then in the "open with" menu, select java, and if there is no java, then install it
  13. Can you offer, what to add to the game, I'll try to do it, just don't ask for tanks from planes.
  14. I used to change the chances of a civil war, I think it's worth changing again for the new version
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