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  1. It turned out to add a new kind of technology!
  2. Changes in the technological menu of the game
  3. Hmm. What for? You can just not play with them, no one is forcing you to play with these ideologies, I even became interested in the reason, if they seem to be something like fiction, then no, the same anarchism, but there was no full-fledged country with such, but the state was, for example, the uprising of the anarchists in Catolonia; Makhno, etc. And we also have not ideologies, but forms of government, I'm really interested in why you wanted to remove these ideologies, please tell us.
  4. Yes, this is a joke. I am now changing the value in the code (values that affect the interface) and sometimes it leads to the following results, but if we are serious, you can just change the UI to a larger one
  5. Breakthrough in changing the interface, now the interface looks much better) ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. на самом деле, я не знаю, я в большей степени коддер и мне нравиться это больше всего в моддинге. Мне кажется лучше доработать карту BE2 , так как там ещё много работы. Лучше доработать, а потом уже начать делать новую карту.
  7. I have tried changing unemployment. In the game, these are just numbers, or rather the ratio of the economy to the population
  8. The file needs to be replaced, only the "age" folder the "Com" folder does not need to be replaced by the jar file of the game
  9. Rising revolutionary risk can be changed in the Ages.json file. You need to change REVOLUTIONARY_RISK_MODIFIER: and in order to change the strength of the rebels, you need to change the game code, you can change it in the dex or jar file
  10. But then there will be another problem. You will not be able to normally buy troops due to lack of money, since the income will be small, I know this, since I tested this option
  11. Some ideologies can change, for example, in direct democracy, with a certain happiness in the country, the ideology will change.
  12. I decided to make the basis of the next update, changes in the graphic part of the mod and the game in general
  13. Yes, this is a joke. Just a funny bug happened
  14. These are not entirely new graphics. This is a bug caused by my mistake in changing the game code. I can show a video with this bug Age of Civilizations II.mp4
  15. How do you like the new graphics?)
  16. possibly, the main thing is to have a desire before work, then the chances will be
  17. Changed the internal borders of countries (previously the provinces were highlighted with a dotted line)
  18. Sorry that I was gone for a long time, now I will start to tell you about the innovations in mod.
  19. Slowly but surely, with each update, this problem gets smaller and gets better. I think that in some update this problem will be completely fixed.
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