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  1. Thank you guys, reinstalling java worked 🙂
  2. do i have to open it alone, or do i need to put it in the vanilla game folder
  3. yeah, i'm here and i open the jar file i click open as > java and then nothing happens what am i doing wrong?
  4. How the hell do i open the mod? When i open the jar file nothing happens
  5. In fact, the scenario is based on year 1066, and in year 1066 Krakow was the Polish capital.
  6. That means: Realistic: For example, in WW2 Nazi Germany isn't op, because it wasn't irl, it's win was based on a new tactic they used. But pretty sure you can't implement that in AOC2 Balanced: In WW2 Nazi Germany is op bc it has to conquer france, Poland etc.
  7. Is this mod more of a realistic kind, or more of a balanced kind?
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