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  1. Ok I edited the map for my mod and then the game crashed to 99%, it stopped crashing after but now it won't stop crashing, no reinstalling or deleting my mod is not an option. PLS FIX, i'm on pc.
  2. I have zero idea how to edit the map UPDATE: I think i'm actually going to have to edit the map anyway, vanilla provinces are too bad.
  3. I don't own AoC2 for Android, but if it's as easy as changing a few files I can do it. However I've heard events on Android are broken which is a shame because there will be tons of events in the mod
  4. I will add your suggestions except dividing the Prussians. Since I think they aren't very different at all, so they don't add anything but lags.
  5. I have followed your suggestions (and thankfully found some cool maps over the internet that made my job easier) and added the tribes you suggested into the scenario: Additionally, i've also added West / East Gotland and have began working on central Asia.
  6. ENGLISH Very easy. if ur on mobile i think its not possible - but on pc: 1. find your civilization that you made in-game in game > civilizations_editor 2. make a flag and resize it to 68x44, and also resize one to 27x18. You can use http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/upload for this 3. on ur custom civ folder you will find some images called "dkgsgshbdgksdhgjkds_FLH" and "jdsjgsdjgsdkgjnsd_FL" (or whatever they're called), paste your 68x44 and 27x18 flags in your folder 4. copy the FLH name, delete it, rename your 68x44 flag to that, now copy the FL name, delete it, rename your 27x
  7. I do not know how to do this if you're on mobile. On PC it's quite complicated still but possible once you get the hang of it: - create a civilization in the civ editor, name it a short tag for example, i'd name my nation latfed if its name was latin federation. You can make TAGs any lenght, but its better if its short (unlike my example). Now you go to game files>game>languages>civilizations>bundle.properties and add a line like this: TAG = "nation name" for example: latfed = "Latin Federation" as you may or may not know, ideologies each have an extra ideology TAG, so a
  8. Finished Europe on the 335 scenario i'm working on, thought i'd share 🙂
  9. Fictional ideology. only available from 2045 scenario onward
  10. Ever tired of those bloated mods that say they add 90+ scenarios but they're all a few years apart? Ever wanted a mod which spans from ancient history to alt future, without losing that vanilla feel to the game? No? Well bad luck! That's exactly what my mod will do. The RZ's Extended Timeline mod i've done is based off the mod of same name for EU4. The plan is to create various scenarios spanning from the ancient times to ~2100. These scenarios will mostly be full world maps, NOT small regions. I will use all custom civilizations because it's hard to fix vanilla countries/leader
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