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  1. I'm trying to tell you a bug, not the borders of the country, and I still can't play my game because of this bug in 1 year.
  2. Aoc2 requires a simple system that allows us to share save files between android, ios and pc.
  3. İ love u lukasz, I bought the Game 4 times. I support you from Turkey.
  4. Where is the fucking game and lukasz
  5. Gdzie jest wersja Ios ?
  6. 어디 iOS 버전을까?
  7. Wo ist die iOS-version ?
  8. where is the ios ?
  9. When will iOS come ? I'm freaking out.
  10. After playing the game for a while, the relationship development score remains constant zero and does not move. THATS A CRİNGE BUG, Every time I play the game, it happens to me. Uploaded youtube because big data size;
  11. Why isn't anyone answering ? why doesn't anybody raise their voice ? lukazs is fucking us.
  12. We've been waiting for this game for six months.. We have to react now.He doesn't give us any information, he keeps us busy. Please state your response on this matter. If you want to play the game of course.
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