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  1. Guys i want eveeybody to calm down 12pm the android version will be released and god himself will cry
  2. When is it going to be finished???also will this be for android?
  3. You said it will be released today can you give me the link to the mod?
  4. Aproximetly when is it going to be released? Also will it have events?
  5. Modder can you send me the link to download the mod??
  6. Obviously i aint an idiot but my question is how much time aproximatly
  7. In how much time is it going to be released?
  8. This look like a really good mod when is it going to be realesed
  9. So are you planning with the barbarossa dlc maybe give a better focus tree for USSR and also msybe rework italy cause the original italian focus tree suck.Overall you deserve a huge bravo for your fantastic work i am sure that neither paradox itself wouldnt make it so good .
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