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  1. I Reinstalled the mod and now i see no bugs with the provinces, so im guessing i just have an old version of BEII
  2. uh, rip england? maybe you should take a look at this @Trans-Amur
  3. Khuzistan Caliphate Capital: Baghdad Formed By: Syria, Iraq, Jordan Description: An old caliphate built to be one of the strongest arabic powers, but ultimately collapsed due to religious and language barriers, through all th e hardships the caliphate reunited and began assimilation and successfully eliminated all chances of collapse
  4. Ive reduced the font size to 10 and its still broken, hopefully this will all be fixed as a patch or included in the next update/version
  5. Btw trans-amur can you fix the "ruii" and "= Dulkadir" bug? They are supposed to be "Rugii" and "Dulkadir"
  6. Oh, then what about "= Dulkadir"? Is it another font problem or a miss-spell? (Also forgot "ruii", that too)
  7. Can you fix the name bug on Rugii? It says "ruii" instead of "Rugii", Dulkadir also has a name bug and its called "= Dulkadir" instead of "Dulkadir", also the letter I is bugged too
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