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  1. Todos son argentinos, menos yo xD
  2. Te parece si hacemos la guerras de independencias en América
  3. I do not find civilizations
  4. Escribe todos tus datos de tu tarjeta de creditos para que veamos que tenemos una buena amistad y convivencia.
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    Age of Civilizations Africa gratis por tiempo limitado, ¡descargalo antes de que se acabe la oferta!. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=age.of.civilizations.africa.lukasz.jakowski 6
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    ¡Hola!, bienvenido al foro oficial de AoC 2, donde podrás publicar y compartir escenarios, lideres, países, entre otras muchas cosas más con la comunidad.
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    Does Cyprus have the flag of rebels ?, or there was a rebellion.
  8. Yorch

    New Spain 1794

    New Spain in 1794 Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18y7j2WlxQQKniK9mX7xTrFrG7iDsjuR5 I made a map of the main entities of New Spain in 1794, but some did not go well for the division of borders, a prime example are New California and Florida. Countries: - Kingdom of Mexico (which will start with the Second Mexican Empire) - Kingdom of New Galicia (it does not appear in the game, you have to do it) - General Command of the Internal Provinces (do not appear in the game, you have to do it) - Louisiana - Florida (has bad form) - Mérida de Yu
  9. Yorch

    Santa Anna

    There is no need to download it (only the image must be downloaded), in the game you go to creator of leaders and put the data, you put the image in leaders_img.
  10. Can you change the form of government in Mexico? At that time it was a state city.
  11. Yorch

    Santa Anna

    Leader: Santa Anna Dates: Name: Antonio López de Santa Anna Image_name: santa_anna.png Birth: February 21, 1794 Wiki: Antonio López de Santa Anna Country: México
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