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  1. Play a new Scenario then leave and load your saved
  2. Yep, i will send some photo later, just wait for it 🙂
  3. Firstly i need to make the logo/icon
  4. Yeah, i think i can fix it, but maybe need some time to do that
  5. and is there a capitulation system in this mod?
  6. Maybe you should make the name of picture more simple, for example: bloodyeuropeevent.png
  7. The bug is like the game/Application does not have icon/logo....
  8. U do not have discord? Hmmmm then how about WhatsApp?, Also you're right about changing the name of game, i know its early, but there some bug about it on android, so i want to change it.
  9. And oh yeah, i can change the icon and the name of game in android, for example: Age Of 1440 and the logo/icon is "1440"
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