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  1. Project alpha works for me with 13k; Perhaps, if you want to do for android, it is not necessary, but you could make the maritime provinces that are not very important, make them larger, for example those that are below South Africa, in which there is nothing below.
  2. I have a problem too, I saw that happened to other people and i tried to solve it, but i still have not been able to do it, when I enter to my map to edit the connections, the map loads up to 19% and stops. I will put the files to see if you can help me. Uruguay.rar
  3. It is the first time I ask something in the forum, but I have a problem in the random games, always when I start a new game, I start winning -7 gold, and it continues like this, and I can not win anything, there comes a time when it won 0 gold but maximum that, but I can not find any way to play, if I can not recruit troops to attack my enemies, does anyone have a solution?
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