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    Bad mechanics

    Not really I have proposed a good treaty: you give me pocket province and I declare war a t your enemey: Result, France refuse my offer(all the provence+ corsica) and I have take the province. The Trade offer are bug, exemple the famous 54 gold for form coalition.
  2. Yes a idea is: the war exaustion increse more speed
  3. More the game are play tall better is it!
  4. The problem of AoE II (and EU4/Vic2) are when you are a good economist an gain so much money that you do not even know how to spend it and often spend it so that you then get higher. I have never gone bankrupt on EU4 (here at most in emergencies I brought 50% taxes and 0 growth, research and investment! I lost growth and various things for various shifts but I reversed a scenario in which 4- 5 enemies had declared me war one after the other and I had already taken 5 loans). That is, if the player is aware, he can make cheap games that those of Leman Brothers can only dream of.
  5. This idea cane splitted in Two: Formable nation: If you form a nation you can change your leader (exemple use sicility, form italy, i can use one italian leader and replace the sicilian) Random leader: if the leader arrive at the natural death (istorically) the leader dies, except historicalli suicide, or be murdered and they live more 20 years of normal time line. When the leader dies can be repleced by the "mordernst" leader of their nation, or be random leader with random value and they live for 20-40 years.
  6. But if you annex with this mod you gain free core of your chosed province, not the all vassal, and this become like the "vassal feeding" of eu4
  7. Idea: you Can the research the vaccine if have One of them Techonology 1.0 Year after 1800 The cost Can are very high but you are immune to One diseased.(One for each vaccine)
  8. Yes,is the italian! 10-15 turns are a timed idea. If is wrong, can do 5 turns 🙂
  9. Is only a exemple 5 turns can are a good idea 🙂
  10. Is better a multiple sistem combat: One for older age, one for middle ages (like Ck2), one for 1400-1800, one for 1900-modern, one for airplane, one for older ship, one for 1400-1800 ship and one for 1900-modern ship. Ok is very long and tired work, but need because the method change during centuries, and is funny see the tank combat like the cavalry.
  11. If is possible e economy like to victoria 2, a huge diplomacy (eu4+vic2) and a war more like hoi4 you gain a perfect game. The game of my dreams, if I am a programmer I start to realize, or if I have the found pay the programmer, but not have the knowdelenge and the money for a this huge project :(
  12. Yes you can partial integrate a vassal Exemple: Italy vassalize Provence, and do the frenche territory to provence, meinwhile thei "core" the frenchs, you can integrate the "core" provence but you remain italy (not Italy-provence). But this was costly not too much (or nothing use them) but not cheap (or is a too useful) a just cost... exemple a cost equal to... 10-15 turns of production/tax of the ennexed(s) province(s)
  13. Not is a good idea destroy the building of the province can you conquest now or in a soon future. But is good for not do border gore raid province out of my interest in the soon future. But stopping the Advance,for a do small malus at enemy when i liberate country do a much demage(less territory,less money,less troops) instaed can raiding
  14. Maybay is possible make difference vassal for "era" more the era are "modern" less libery have vassals in the 1800-today exist puppets Differentiate subjects: Taxes: they can pay up to 25% of the money and you can recruit 30% of their recruited populations (active from the first era until 1700-1800). It can not be called in the war but you have to defend it! Vassal (default): needs no explanation (active until 1700-1800) Protectorate: provides 50% of the money. has no diplomacy (beginning in 1500-1600 ends in 1800-1900) Puppet state: provides you with 20% of your research points, 15% o
  15. Hi, in the game exist the problem of plunder because at start you demage too many the province for cheap money, because in much time is better conquer and convert the province, in advanced game the money gained for 100% is very very cheap, for destroyng a province... the question is: is possible improve the plunder (or better can raid the neigthbors for lose relations, using a "plunder war")? Because the IA use only for demage you pocket province (especially if you are big, is only a boring thing).
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