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    Sky cannot be stopped, hail sky
  2. Discord is a very large platform, of course there are some bad apples among the bunch. I've been on the platform for 3 years and I've only met one person who might be a pedo. It is a safe platform as long as you stay out of some of the sussier parts
  3. Don't believe the memes you see about discord, it is an amazing platform
  4. what, people these days
  5. Yo man calm down, I'm just messing around. You made a rather memeable statement and I disproved it with logic. If you want to make friends try discord, from years of experience I can say it's the best such platform.
  6. It's simply a request, which is valid. Your method of censoring free discussion because of personal bias is rather authoritarian. Also, I have insider information that a..... not very safe for workplace sky mod is possible in the near future
  7. Ah that's where you're wrong, these forums are a place not for history but for Age of Civilizations (now History) 2. While the game is dumb and tbh pretty shit (thanks Lukasz!) the forum is for the game, and as such it is for the various mods for the game. Thus the guy (who is obviously trolling if you can't tell) is perfectly justified in bringing up what he wants to be added to a mod for the game.
  8. Free expression is not allowed? Rather sussy.
  9. I just realized I won 10 more days than you.

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