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  1. so basically you're scared you're not going to win the 3rd?
  2. This is a scenario I made a while ago which I intended to finish, but because I shifted my focus to Coat of Arms: 1836, I kinda left this scenario abandoned. However, because it's still fully playable, I thought I might as well share it so you can enjoy it. I'll probably be coming back to it after a while. I'll also make the proper thread for it once I'm finished. Anyways, here's a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/m6ek3q And here's screenshots on some of the events: http://prntscr.com/m6ekhn http://prntscr.com/m6ekkx As for the download, it's here: https
  3. using size 72 text doesn't make your point any stronger
  4. i also had the emperor rank you imbecile friendly contributor on this anyways, surely we don't want this scenario to have the same fate as your SPQR scenario? 8 pages of random discussion? ; D
  5. no he didn't lol here's my system Serf [0-25] Gentleman [25-50] Baron [50-100] Count [100-200] Prince [200-500] Duke [500-1000] Grand Duke [1000-2000] Archduke [2000-3000] King [3000-5000] Emperor [5000-10000] Custom Title [10000+] here's wersjons system Admin/Owner - #FF0000 (255, 0, 0) - Łukasz Moderator - #8000FF (128, 0, 255) - Little Łukasz Helpers Elder - #008080 (0, 128, 128) - (Guys who have ID lower than 100, and old admins/mods (that doesn't moderate forum anymore)) Contributors - #FF8000 (255, 255, 0) -
  6. no but i designed this system so you are an emperor because of me checkmate atheists
  7. Basically, is there any file or alike in the game folder where I could edit buildings and alike? I want to change the icon for castles and workshops, as well as how their effectiveness (like making the castle defense bonus +20%)
  8. i know but i once did a world conquest as fucking bulgaria in WC3 it was a fun trip i literally inboxed allied units in 15 pillboxes so they wouldn't drive across my territory stealing it
  9. i was making a joke about how remove kebab (god is a serb is the real name of the song iirc) is a rookie song, too mainstream, but w/e
  10. remove kebab? god is a serb? rookie songs fella if you want to be a true serb:
  11. While I didn't do much for the scenario today (I messed around on editor. Might or might not involve a throne game, wink wink), I have done some thinking about what else I want to do for Update 1.1 and about the next update for Coat of Arms: 1836. So, let's get on for what's left for Update 1.1. Treaties for China to give over various trading ports. While initially, I wanted to make events about the Opium Wars, I soon realized that these wars would be way too big for what they actually were and would be too decisive if I still wanted players to retain their freedom during the war, he
  12. Sorry for the late response. All you need to do is: Install the files in both of the google drive links; Go to to Steam, right click on AoC2 and press properties. Go to LOCAL FILEs and press "Browse Local Files" Go to map/Earth/scenarios and put the folder named "1836_1.0" inside it. Then go to game/civilizations_editor/ and put the 2 folders inside the folder called "1836_Civs_1.0" inside there. If you're still having problems, please notify me.
  13. How do I create more than one province on a completely new map? I put one province in, finish it, press enter. I then put the "PROV" file into the editor province, rename it "0", but the editor won't open again.
  14. Sneaky

    Flag Competition

    Here are some random flags (and coat of arms) I've made in the past. Basically the Latvian Coat of Arms but in the middle, there's the Swedish Coat of Arms. Flag for a rip-off of the International Red Cross. Flag of the North German Federation from Victoria 2 but it's actually the Latvian flag and on the sides there's a stock image of oak leaves.
  15. He chose mine as well! (And @Wersjon's colors, of course). Can't say I'm not happy. Shame "serf" didn't make it through
  16. Mhm. 3330x3900 for left and 3330x3900 for the right.
  17. Seems like a very interesting tool. While I'm not sure if I'll use it, I'll still thank you for taking the time and effort to make it.
  18. Can the maps not be larger than 4440x2600? I made my own 6660x3900 (which is the same aspect ratio) but it seems to crash every time I try to load it.
  19. Another day, another progress report on 1.1. After all, I need to somehow keep you guys interested. Anyways, today I only made some events, but I made quite a lot of them. Meiji Restoration and Reforms. At around ~1860, Japan gets an event for the Meiji Restoration. If Japan accepts (which they almost always will), it starts a 7-event event-chain. Each event is based on a topic, such as the IJA or industrialization. If Japan decides to choose the positive option, they get +0.1 technology (10 research points), -20 to -40% unhappiness in all of civilization (depends on the event) and s
  20. For all Lukasz has done, I think he deserves a +100%.
  21. Sorry to interrupt, but is there any location within the games folders where I can modify the effects of buildings and their images? Such as editing the castle to be a trench and having a bigger bonus.

    I searched far and wide but couldn't find anything related to it. 


    Oh, and as usual, great game! I love making scenarios. Probably my favorite part of it.

  22. To not spam the thread, I've created a club for another who's interested in this scenario. I'll only be posting here for updates or replying to.. replies and alike. It already has a progress report on 1.1
  23. I very much like the simplistic idea. Although, here's 2 cents on how it should be balanced, based on your idea Imports: If you choose to import in a province, every turn that province gets: Extra economy with the formula "(Economy of Province)/200", which is 0.5%. If a province had 1000 economy, each turn it'd get 5 economy (so ~15 turns to increase by more than 10%) +0.01 development each turn. Each turn it would also cost the country a select amount of money with the formula "(Economy of Province)/10 + (Development Level)*1000). If you had a province with economy
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