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  1. I'd say it's been going quite well! I've generally spent most of my time fixing some European and American events, but since the main focus is Asia, I've added several events from them as well. Anyways, let's talk about what's done so far: American Civil War remade. When it starts, territories that were neutral during the war now get occupied by "neutral" except the bordering provinces (so no country can snatch them). After the war, US gets an event to reannex them. There is now also an option to play as the CSA in the civil war, but no idea how stable it is. Fixed the formati
  2. Currently working on Update 1.1: The Forgotten East, featuring: The Meiji Restoration, which starts an event chain of various reforms Japan can enact, each boosting Japans technology significantly at the cost of severe happiness penalties; The Taiping Revolution; Coal, Iron and their appropriate hill/mountain version terrains, featuring significant boosts for provinces with coal, not to mention industrial centres such as the Ruhr; Some of the placebo civilizations in India being removed and replaced with the correct countries; Events for Japanese colonization of n
  3. You probably need to adjust the resolution in settings.
  4. Eh, too specific of a suggestion honestly. Not to mention you can already do it via events (although it's a bit complicated)
  5. I agree with everything except adding new units (as in, 3.A, 3.B and 3.C)
  6. The tl;dr version is that this features events, the one currently in the game doesn't. Longer version: US controls less colonies. India isn't fully united. China isn't fully united. Germany has different countries within it. Prussia gets an event if they conquer Saxony and Holstein to form the North German Confederation. The NGC gets an event to form the German Empire if they conquer Alsace-Lorraine. Sardinia-Piedmont has events to form the Unified Provinces of Central Italy, and later Italy itself. There's events for Texas to join the US, a
  7. (p.s. image quality isn't /that/ good because i'm on a 1366x768 monitor. my 1920x1080 one will arrive tomorrow, so yeah) Coat of Arms: 1836 The Era of Industrialization Lead your nation through a dangerous, yet prosperous era as you try your best to meddle in political affairs, either peacefully, or if it comes to it, by force. The Revolution ended over 20 years ago, yet the ideas of it live on, as the common class start questioning their government and turning to the ideas of liberalism, with a few even turning to the views of Karl Marx. It is a strange, and y
  8. [NOTE: This is not at all a rant thread. If it comes off as so for whatever reason, it wasn't Implied. I genuinely love this game, but these are simply ways that it (specifically, the scenario editor) could be made significantly better. Also, I really hope this hasn't been done before. If it was, tell me] I have no idea if this already has been suggested, but this is a personal list which, if implemented, would allow us to make scenarios that are way more fun and interesting. With every suggestion, I'll also show an example on how it'd help. Anyways, let's begin. "Any Civilization"
  9. I mean, at least for my experience with the editor, you can already add a new civilization from the outcome section of events. All you need to do is: Go to the outcome section of the event and choose the outcome which will make a new country appear. Click on the "add new outcome" option. Choose the "occupy" outcome. Click on the "new owner" section; Press the "add civilization" on top and select the civilization you want to break out. If you want to, you can proceed to add the provinces it'll occupy and all that. With that being done, the country should
  10. I hope I'm not too late? Since, let's be honest, the main setting for AoC2 is the 1444 start date... how about royal and noble ranks? (The number is the number of posts to acquire that rank) Serf [0-25] Gentleman [25-50] Baron [50-100] Count [100-200] Prince [200-500] Duke [500-1000] Grand Duke [1000-2000] Archduke [2000-3000] King [3000-5000] Emperor [5000-10000] Custom Title [10000+]
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