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    Sneaky got a reaction from MehmetCeran in Big list of additions I'd like for the scenario editor.   
    [NOTE: This is not at all a rant thread. If it comes off as so for whatever reason, it wasn't Implied. I genuinely love this game, but these are simply ways that it (specifically, the scenario editor) could be made significantly better. Also, I really hope this hasn't been done before. If it was, tell me]
    I have no idea if this already has been suggested, but this is a personal list which, if implemented, would allow us to make scenarios that are way more fun and interesting. With every suggestion, I'll also show an example on how it'd help. Anyways, let's begin.
    "Any Civilization" option for events and triggers. This would allow us to make random events way easier, such as bankruptcy or underpaid military, without needing to make a separate event for each civilization. It would also help with more scenario-specific events, such as every country with a treasury higher than 100000 would get an event about them becoming a great power.
    This is also needed for triggers too. It would allow us to make group events much easier. For instance, if I wanted to make a "great power" system in a scenario, I could make it so if you have an economy larger than 10 thousand, you get an event signaling you're a great power. You could then make events where every country who had the event for becoming a great power would now get extra economy and things like that. It'll just be better for everyone, really.
    Decision list in country tab. These decisions, once clicked, would fire an event or give you money or things like that'd. I don't really think this needs a more of an explanation for why it'd help making events.
    Permanent modifies. This would be an outcome from events. For instance, when playing as Prussia, you could get an event which would make your troops overall 10% stronger (meaning 100 of your troops could beat 105 enemy troops).
    These modifies would range from building cost (such as -20% building cost), army quality (the thing mentioned above), extra or less population/economy growth, basically anything that can be modified.
    Change the "Annex" outcome into a full annexation. At the moment occupy and annex do almost the same thing. What I'd like is that if you choose the annex outcome, you could select 2 countries and the 1st country would completely annex all of the 2nd country.
    Add a "in [X] turns, trigger another event". I don't think this needs much explanation, but an instance would be a decision where you can take out a loan, and in 50 turns you get an event where you need to repay it back just as an example.
    An option to specifically type in a number on outcomes such as add money and alike. This might already be a thing, and if it is, feel free to notify me, but otherwise, it's quite annoying to be stuck at granting +25821 money from an event because it's next to impossible to get it at +25000.
    Add an outcome that makes you switch to a new country. This is for events such as Civil Wars or alike or new countries being formed. I know civil wars do have a workaround, but it'd still be very nice to have this as an outcome. One instance where this is useful is for region-specific scenarios, such as medieval europe-only scenario. You could make an event about the mongols arriving, and then get an option as switching to and playing as them.
    Set variables in events. By this I mean, you can make it so an event sets a variable called "Threat" to one. Another country gets an event and they increase the variable "Threat" by another one. Say, threat became 10, you could add a trigger for "[Variable] >= 10" and then have an event fire for a country if threat became big enough, just as an example.
    If I think of any more, I'll add them. Feel free to suggest your own ideas and if I like them/they're otherwise popular, I'll add them here and credit you.
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