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  1. no download link availiable?
  2. And command to remove play as oppose the addplayer command is also needed. Very needed.
  3. Exactly.... I think it is essential... And this command should be availiable.
  4. Hello there, I think there should be a console command "removeplayer" opposing the addplayer command. This would be very handy in situations where you want to change the side completely . For example playing the WWII scenario as Germany first, building a strong Axis - then addplayer Soviet Russia, removeplayer Germany and viola you are now playing as Soviets trying to defeat the beast you have built before. It can make the game more enjoyable in prolonged games.
  5. Come on guys, don´t be so rude to him and let him work.
  6. A "removeplayer" command would be also very... very useful.
  7. Is there any way to remove player. As if I am controling like three civs using addplayer command and then I would like to play only as one of them?
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