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  1. i keep encountering this bug when i try to load a game with this mod it doesn't let me load into a game it just starts a new one
  2. Nice job👍 Only thing that should be changed is denmark should be denmark-norway but other than that impressive job
  3. Ha i like this one its pretty much him i just hope soon he will publish ios and steam workshop
  4. How About a improved Napoleonic wars scenario with events
  5. Hey I just created a custom map but when I click on it in maps the game crashes

  6. What about an improved Napoleonic wars scenario
  7. Good job! and You should make an improved Napoleonic wars scenario next
  8. Thanks for responding lukas by any chance do you know when it will be on the appstore
  9. I dont understand what is going on he said that the game works on ios but a month later we are still waiting it just doesn’t make any sense
  10. Dullishcrab


    Yeah judging by how the dev is doing with ios your probably right
  11. Yeah im not quite sure why he hasnt said anything about it in a month i mean atleast keep us updated with whats going on
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