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  1. Did Łukasz give any reason as to why he was discontinuing updates?
  2. Perhaps this is a very over asked question, maybe it has been asked many times before. But I've done some investigation and found no response to my question. "What happend to this game?" I know that at least Łukasz Jakowski is active on this forum still, and has been talking about AOC3, but my question then morphs into "Is AOC2 discontinued? Will it have more updates? If it is discontinued, how long will we have to wait to AOC3?". I hope I am not annoying by asking these questions, but I really liked AOC2, to see it not updated in months is kinda sad.
  3. So I was messing around with the scenario editor and for some reason when I load in the WW2 scenario it brings up my custom scenario. Is there any way to reset this?
  4. *Nordic Boner* Nice story my man! It will be cool to see a Norwegian Empire rise!
  5. A simple idea that honestly could be very interesting. It would also be interesting to be able to form a nation, and each formed nation has its own buffs and debuffs when you form it, like EUIV.
  6. Definitely a good idea. I'm sure its really only a matter of time until it gets added.
  7. Not a bad idea for when we get an American Civil War scenario. It would also be cool to be able to play a state inside a confederation and not the confederation as a whole.
  8. *America sees Japan, American breaths heavily* In all seriousness I feel as in the current game state I feel as they would just be kinda overpowered. However, on the other hand, it would be cool to drop a nuke and make the provinces into wasteland provinces.
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