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  1. hi op is there anyway you make the civs addable to the base game in a separate pack if at all possible
  2. im thinking an equestria at war scenario complete with civs and map with equestria at war civs can be played on both vanilla maps
  3. is their civs for the mod? and what are they called? can use the civs on the vanilla maps?
  4. ok there in my civilization editor I just need to know the name of these civs you created so I don't have to search through the game civilizations looking for them when I can look for for them in the games game civilization search engine ex: if your looking for a certain civ and you don't want go through the list from a to z the top left corner has a search engine so if you put down in the search engine united fed for example it gives you the federation of planets instead of searching through the entire u section looking for it …..so if I put down imperial or sky.....it would give me the close
  5. I cant find the civs you made I added them to the civilization editor but I don't see them in my civilizations when im in the game editor......this why I wish that the name of each civ in the game was in alphabetical order in the games documents so I know what civilization is what. plus I think im not doing this correctly im hoping someone could send me a step by step instruction vid on youtube or at least some screenshots on how to do this
  6. how do you down load civs correctly? I followed the instructions but I keep getting these question mark icons with these jibberish in the civ names what am I doing wrong ?
  7. what are the names of the civs so I can find them plz list in alphabetical order
  8. does it have the civs to it?
  9. hmm it seems like hes tracing the map somehow.....just need to know how to add this map plus civs to the game
  10. well its 2019....wheres the workshop?
  11. nah I hate snow I deliver flyers for a newspaper company and its kinda hard to do my job if theres no salt down on the roads or their driveways aren't shoveled . like today I almost took a header face first into some jagged ice
  12. In the civ selection screen I noticed that the number of civs in the database I guess we'll call it where you can add civs, I notice goes up but I don't know what civs they are im thinking that a recently added option ranging from hourly to yearly will help us know what civs have been added to the add civ section so we wont have to spend all day trying to find them
  13. huh found some fantasy civs . Ill post more if I see any , so far 1. united federation of planets ( star trek) 2. petoria ( family guy) 3. and one of the civs from papers please arstyoka or something I dunno how to spell that correctly now that I think of it id wish there was recently added section in the civ selection screen so we don't have to look through the list all the time
  14. will this come with the civs for this map?
  15. I think their should be in game news reports in the form of a newspaper where articles range from province country and world events ranging from things like a fire in your capital to important things like politics , to research breakthroughs and failures or even events involving famous people or things or places vanilla or custom doing things in your nation, like getting shot , getting married, becoming that worlds pope, various happenings in media, various things in the government things like that
  16. we pretty much have to wait till the workshop opens in January of next year
  17. id also like to see an observer mode in the game.....im thinking in the same place you select your main civ you can select an observer option
  18. after action report or in this case a fictional story based on a current playthrough that can be done as a history book story or a summary of a session of gameplay
  19. an aar section would be nice I know you have a stories forum but I think that a aar forum similar to the paradox aars would be a nice touch
  20. yeah at least theres going to be a workshop in January of next year so it should be easier to down load things
  21. I think that an aar (after action reports similar to the paradox forums would be great I know theres a stories forum but I don't know if we can add aars and fics in there
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