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  1. What was the reason and how to solve it? I guess i have the same issue.
  2. As it was said by BrakeCoachStudios i meant map making using AOC II map editor. Take your time creating, time and date is just a variable that your file will be renamed to. Following my advice - to avoid errors caused by file replacement better use mm\dd\min\sec
  3. I do understand that all of the written is understandable as is, but those instructions are written like this to avoid stupid questions.
  4. At first - this is not an ad in any way. So this post was created as a small ease of access know-how that i use to automate region saving excluding Alt-tabbing all the way, by automating i mean: Automate "PROV" file renaming and moving to your provinces folder To start you need install File Juggler https://www.filejuggler.com/download/filejuggler.exe After the installation Run File Juggler and open "Rules" tab, find and click "Add" button there In the newly created tab in "Monitor" choose your AOC_map_editor In "If" find and click "Add condition" (+) button, s
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