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  1. Pretty much I miss goktug14's marvelous stories, those days were golden back then before COVID-19 broke out.

  2. Man, i never seen new posts here... But this stuff still drives me crazy! Oh and Israelcube is even greater again! Looks like they've removed Ethiopian Abyssiniaball from premises! Who's going to be next victim of Jehovah's wrath? DON'T YOU DARE TO MESS WITH ISRAEL OR YOU'LL FELL THE MIGHTY WRATH OF JEHOVAH!
  3. Now Israel (Israelcube) removes Kebab of Egypt (Egyptball) for more clay, more like they went crazy for glorious Republic of Oy, vey Israel before Egyptball turned his back before Israel removed Kebab for more clay than ever! Abyssinia (Ethiopiaball) stole and conquered clay for ending their landlocked days. Israel can finally into Nile river, for sure! Making Israel great again could make Jews proud.
  4. Oy vey, Israel! This story will not go wrong again, like the Brandenburg 1440 story which went gone wrong. Israel will be great again than ever. Israelcube will remove you for being an Kebab lover. REMOVE KEBAB AND PALESTINEBALL!
  5. When Serbia goes on Kebab removal, Brandenburg goes for conquests with Adolf the Angry! Glory to his rule on Bradenburg! G U T E N T A G , P O L E N... I T ' S T I M E T O G E T A N S C H L U S S E D T O D A Y !
  6. Oh yeah, i was waiting for the glorious alternate history of German Empire of Liverwurst, wieners and Oktoberfests. Who's ready for it?
  7. #OneManArmy, because Łukasz doesn't have workers yet, it might end up as Cube World. He is busy by working on updates and even Steam Workshop of this game isn't opened yet.
  8. Brandenburg 1440, enough said like i mentioned before. Colonization and expansion of the glorious German Empire of Liverwurst and Oktoberfests. Even this story became hot due to replies, great!
  9. Thus is sad when the story ended due to leader's death, but i liked its plot and interesting alternate future of a country, good job mate. I wonder if you do the... 1400 story as Ainu to reunified Japan? Well not the 1440 Brandenburg, but 1400 Ainu, from Ainu to Japan. And you haven't made a club about your stories ever yet, that could be cool if you have made one.
  10. Now this is getting more interesting as usual! You made Serbia great again... Serbian Empire is reunified again... In 21st Century, mostly likely the glorious expansionistic kebab removing Serbia will be still blobbing and expand lands than ever. I wonder if Serbia can conquer Israel and Palestine or even Japan? Well, who knows... Keep it up dude, your story made me laugh due to being interesting at alternate future of a country.
  11. Sir. Carn SOMEMONG, AKA PolishKawaiian on Age Of Civilizations Forums, yet still active to this day since 2012 on Steam.

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