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  1. But there are difficulty differences there too. For example, playing as the Aztecs is easier than playing as a northwestern American country.
  2. What about Naskapi? It's essentially a landlocked tribe in northeastern Canada.
  3. What countries are lacking events as of now, including your current work that you are yet to publish?
  4. I think you can edit them if you select the nation you want to edit from the screen you add a formable civilization from.
  5. Depends on how much content you add. If it's not that complicated, it will not swallow RAM much. Also, i don't think making a game realistic takes away the originality. You either have a Risk type game or a Paradox type of game.
  6. What is a "neko age calculation" though?
  7. What does the HRE do? I've never seen HRE actually do anything as their members fight against one another. I became an emperor but still didn't see any changes. What is the function of HRE in the game?
  8. Felix said the N-word once, which was made out to be a scandal in the news.
  9. You should add immigration events for the USA, as that would add more flavor to the game. But if USA wishes to do so, in 1924, it can choose to adjust -not refuse, as the almost all people in the congress did not refuse it- immigrations which can result in different events for the different choices. If it chooses to do it the historical way, the Johnson-Reed Act, it should result in a decrased relationship with the Asian countries excluding Philippines but an increased happiness for USA because this act was mainly for US homogenity. You can read about it here: https://history.state.gov/mi
  10. It looks like a very fun mod and i will play it, although i can't say that i'm not disappointed with the lack of Nekos in Japan and a Neo Neko-Anime empire with an anime catgirl as a leader. Anyways, thanks for the mod.
  11. Wouldn't it be weird to see a leader get assasinated and still lead the country?
  12. What about EUIII? Some of the soundtrack is really great.
  13. Sağolun. Herhâlde benim oyunun indirme dosyası yerine "Data/data" kısmındaki kişiye özel dosyaları ile uğraşmamdan dolayı hata oldu. Bunu deneyeceğim. Düzenleme: Ayrıca, söz veriyorum, kanalınıza bakacağım. Teşekkürler.
  14. Maybe you can debuff Spain's economy as they were not really a great power by the time anymore.
  15. Android telefonumda root var ve her türlü dosyaya girebiliyorum. Bir tane senaryoyu indirdim ve Scenarios kısmına attım -başka yere atılacak bir şey yoktu, eminim-. Sonra da oradaki dosyaya o klasörün adını ekledim -şuan "1440;1548028787420gvouuseo;" şeklinde- fakat oyun yüklenirken ikinci yarıda 4261. eyalette donuyor. Başka senaryoları denedim, hâlâ olmadı. Oyunla alâkasının olmadığını biliyorum çünkü dosyayı eski hâline döndürdüğümde çalışıyor. Bunun nedeni olabilir?
  16. That's obviously needed and i don't think it's even time consuming to do that. The lack of this feature prevents me from being able to do general events without file editing because the number of countries is insane. He should also add temporary ones for making scenario creators' job easier, i think. Anyways, those definitely need to be added in the game. It would make scenarios much more interesting.
  17. I don't know about the other plaftorms but, in the Android version, creating a new scenario with a different name results in a different scenario. He can try editing only one thing and see if it overwrites,.which likely isn't the case.
  18. Is this problem solved or..?
  19. Sorry, but what are you talking about then? Can you rephrase that question?
  20. But wouldn't that require adding a ton of leaders?
  21. Maybe use an app editor that lets you edit the base.(android equilavent for "exe" files) and do the exact same thing you would do on an computer. Maybe you can do it.
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