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  1. You can just search it. Whetever you should root or not is up to you, and i don't know if it's okay to talk about it here since the game developer may not like it. Just search "Android root".
  2. Because of politics, guerilla tactics and the Chinese.
  3. You edit that in scenarios. If you need a new map, select "Create A Scenario". If you want to just change the borders of a scenario, select that and save the scenario with a different name.
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    I think they need to like your comment, i don't know about the other reactions.
  5. Maybe you should add the Altmark Incident that caused Germany to go to war with Norway, here is what happened: https://m.ww2db.com/battle_spec.php?battle_id=165
  6. You should add the northern African territories of the Ottomans and make Italy begin a war with them before the Balkan War fires.
  7. Unfortunately, this scenario is not available for that plaftorm.
  8. Don't worry- i have a lot of time to waste, as the school is closed for now.
  9. Okay, no problem then. Thanks for the mod!
  10. Great mod! But why is all of Turkey in Europe? Lands on the east of the Byzantine city is in Asia in the traditional continents.
  11. What about adding Nanshin-Ron and Hokushin-Ron into the game? You can have further events regarding northern and southern expansion based on the former events. Sorry if it's already in the game, i don't know if you have those events as i'm on Android.
  12. Wouldn't that be too time consuming to make? You have to add them for about two thousand countries as far as i can remember.
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    I'm on Android.
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    There were no music files, only sounds. The editor lets me see all the sound files in the application and there were only sounds and no music files/folder. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. JustAnUser


    Sorry for the nonsensical question, but does it even have music? I also looked for the music files but there is only a "sounds" folder and the application i use for the files has an "audio" option and there isn't any music there. I think you have to mod them in.
  16. And there was a petition for the city to change it's borders in order to make it a bat shape. Too bad it didn't happen though. The proposed change was this:
  17. Okay. If you want or/and need some help, i can search for some interesting historical occurences of some nations. Any nation or area would be okay for me. I will have a lot of freetime during these days.
  18. I think he should include that, especially navies. It would make the game much more realistic.
  19. Edit: I made a huge mistake, it was the wrong century. Would be glad if someone deleted it.
  20. I'm trying to heavily edit the scenario of 1440 with historical events and some balancing, although i will not share it because it's on Android and it is most likely bad. So, i'm trying to include an event for Scotland to acquire Orkney Islands and Shetland -called "Sumburgh" and "Kirkwall" in the game- through an event because, historically, they received two islands for dowry of the Danish queen to the Scottish king at the time. They either pay it or give the provinces. But the thing is, i don't know how much should the Danish give in order to not lose those provinces. Can you guys suggest a
  21. You can't download scenarios in mobile because you can't access the files without a root. If you have rooted your mobile phone, i think it will work if you just do the same thing you do with PC. I checked some of the files and they're the same for both versions, though i am not absolutely sure it will work.
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