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  1. Maybe he can get the forum to work for him or something like that. Someone can send their work of countries. Also, i think it would also require tracking down dynasties if we're talking about monarchies that didn't exist in the first place. It needs a lot of people and teamwork. If this forum wants it, i can try to take a part for some dynasties. I can't mod, so i guess i would just write the dynasties and possible candidates for nonexistent countries.
  2. Also, there should be trade leagues-i think. It would help countries like Venice and Genova (?) be more realistic. And maybe even a unique feature for the Hanseatic League- it should act like an alliance since that's what they historically did.
  3. Do we need to make a lake a sea province by itself then?
  4. I don't think you can. But for a spesific scenario, you can set an event for that province and adjust the population with the outcome.
  5. Maybe you can complicate Europe. The Muslims would still be the minority there by that year. What about events for them instead of outright unification? Also, i don't see why Turkey is in there. Most of them hate Arabs, i can confirm. But thanks for the mod, it's great.
  6. True. Also, there were struggles between the Abbasids and Fatimids as far as i can remember. Maybe you should include them.
  7. First of all, i'm only kind of a nerd as i like to learn about a lot of topics. But i believe that i'm knowledgable about WWII, at least more than the average. Here's my two cents: Not really. Hitler didn't have a much more impact on the war than, let's say, generals. The war still couldn't have been won without Hitler. Also, i don't think delaying the attack on the USSR will do you any good. Germany was running low on critical things and USSR was only getting stronger. While USSR was somewhat low on production of things related to military compared to Germany, their potential
  8. What about an event about İskenderun -the northwest province in French Syria-? There can be an increase in the Turkish population if the Turks choose to do so and it can even join Turkey after their independence. Or what about Saarland? You can make it a French vassal and an event for them to either join Germany or France on 1935 with more likelihood for them to join Germany since that's what they did historically. Those are very minor things, so i would be okay with them not being in the mod. But i only have one more suggestion: You should add the Irish rebels and even
  9. Edit: I think there is a forum rule about not using not legally downloaded apps. I was not really talking about them but rather an editor. Can someone inform me if it is okay or not?
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