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  1. So basically there's a bug in AoC II about the months(August and September were in the wrong order),so I've fixed it.Bundle.properties
  2. Update 0.2: -3 new scenarios for Lightning Strikes. -2 new scenarios for Dying Souls. -Corona Virus added as a disease.(begins in 2020) -2 new mods added to the modpack (both of them are mine)
  3. TheDash

    W A T E R

    Thanks,I hate it.
  4. Legendary is EASY (especially in 1440).
  5. Dying souls X Lightning Strikes Information: -This is my first modpack that I've ever made out of my older mods(they weren't good enough for their own). You can find all the scenarios in the basic Earth file(except 1 on the Kepler) Lightning Strikes(In beta) Information: -This mod is basically about a surreal world war II, where Egypt was communist, Yugoslavia was fascist, Germany was a republic and so on. -This part of the mod has got 4 scenarios: 1934,1936,1938 and 1953 Dying Souls(In beta) Information: -This mod is covering dif
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