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  1. The scenario is still under work (as the creator previously stated) so there is no download yet.
  2. I think the map is good, and I like the detail, but I don't think a huge alliance between the central powers would continue... Austria-Hungary, Italy, and the Ottomans would make the alliance extremely unstable, Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans would probably collapse sooner or later, and all three of them hated each other throughout history, and I don't think the German Empire alone could keep them all together.
  3. Poor Austria-Hungary, always dissolves no matter what happens ;(
  4. kill those yANkee scum YEEEEE HAAAWWW
  5. Franz Josef had the better mustache, but I don't think Austria-Hungary would be able to hold off the Allies. Austria-Hungary was extremely unstable and would probably collapse by 1936, even if they won. But I still like a strOnK Austria-Hungary.
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