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  1. Diego


    sad this never got added
  2. so i dont have much time to be respondin everything
  3. it is not dead, im just busy making provinces and gathering flags for the regions' countries
  4. VENI VIDI VICI is a mod that tries to bring Imperator: Rome to Age of Civilizations. mod progress overall 15% Features 4 maps around 8000 provs on the main map hundreds of new cities hundreds, if not thousands of new countries 76 formable nations 17 new governments, replacing the ones in base game 30 songs, replacing the ones in base game new quotes English and Spanish Language support, translators are needed Events and relations on most scenarios Estimated release date: late 2021
  5. an extremely detailed map projection
  6. Heyy guys its me, tha delay boi this is a mod to bring the mbam map with a whole lot of provs into aoc2 (i wont call it aoh2) its based on a downsized version of the very popular MBAM map uhh well then just support this please
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