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  1. i think you mean cores but that would be easier by events and such
  2. the Pyrrhic War the Persian Conquests maybe the rise of the Akkadians the Wars of the Diadochi maybe the Star Wars (theyre mayan wars)
  3. i made a map, and followed all steps detailed by wersjon, but it crashes my game and i dont know why
  4. There will be the governments from imperator and a loot of civilizations, maybe even some new wonders
  5. Diego

    hoi4 map mod for aoc2

    and change a couple values so an invasion wont take 10 years in game
  6. Diego

    hoi4 map mod for aoc2

    i will make events
  7. this is a project to bring hoi4 to age of civilizations while i still work on the imperator mod PLANNED FEATURES: All 13k provinces Scenarios maybe more civilizations maybe some more governments
  8. ok i have completed all of africa that is in imperator (carthage, numidia, cyrenaica, egypt, nubia, axum and punt)
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