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  1. 1 minute ago, orcacraft888 said:

    pero lo malo de las guerras antiguas es que las fuentes son poco precisas y son escasas 

    no son escasas o poco precisas para esas guerras, por que basicamente son las guerras mas importantes de su periodo

  2. 36 minutes ago, Ostgard said:

    I hope that the translator works well and translates correctly.  So will this mod be an ---?  But will it be a bonus to develop national provinces for the countries? (For example: Macedonia has some national territories in Egypt, Selekida, Phrygia and others; Carthage has national provinces in the eastern Mediterranean, ie in Phenicia)

    i think you mean cores but that would be easier by events and such

  3. 15 minutes ago, Ostgard said:

    Чудово. Також чи колись буде така функція, як дерево завдань (з імператора)?  (це означає: За Рим розкрийте Карфаген, нагорода має бонус).



  4. On 7/2/2020 at 6:07 AM, Ostgard said:

    It is very good that the mod is not dead, because it has great potential.
    Will there be anything like the emperor besides the map?


    There will be the governments from imperator and a loot of civilizations, maybe even some new wonders

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