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  1. Cherpake

    Naruto Mod

    yeah... 3k provinces made for 2 weeks, and this happened. you can't imagine how angry was i, almost was crying, because i wasted my time for nothing. sorry.
  2. Cherpake

    Naruto Mod

    probably. was made for about 3k provinces (half of the entire map), but sadly everything is disappeared, so yeah, fck this.
  3. Rn no. I need to find someone, who'll help me with those crappy tags. I've started this scenario in november 23, no one knew about the tags. Mb when i'll find a guy, who has got a lot of time to fix it - of course will be the english version. Sorry😟
  4. Внимание! Сценарий сделан не на тегах, ибо я начинал его делать ещё тогда, когда про мобильную версию не было новостей, про теги никто не знал. На андроид не поддерживается! Что-же, сценарий, над которым я уже работаю с 23 ноября. Работы за несколько месяцев мало, но всё из-за отсутствия времени. 468 игровых цивилизаций на территории Европы, северной Африки и Ближнего Востока. Можете устроить мясорубку на высоком уровне агрессивности и сложности. Планы на будущее: -Куча ивентов почти на все цивилизации. -Правители тех, или иных регионов. -Попыт
  5. Cherpake

    Naruto Mod

    honestly, i don't know. i have some problems with my pc (hd is trash). May be i'll finish it in April or in the end of March.
  6. Cherpake

    Naruto Mod

    HD variant. Which one is better?
  7. Cherpake

    Naruto Mod

    Everybody knows about the anime called Naruto. But i just wanted to make the announcement. WIP, but i think i'll finish that in february/april. Just stand by) s (I also got the HD variant of bg) For sure, there will be for about 2/4k provinces. A lot of s*it i've need to do.
  8. Can you help me with this prov? (The red spot - this province). How can i fix this?
  9. ahahah. the problem was in the config file, in my map folder. the wrong count of provinces, was 50, then i changed to 49 and it's working again
  10. i got it lmao. i fucked up 😛. two provinces are missing.
  11. Hey, my friend. I need some help. A few moments ago, i've made a 55 provinces and i have put'em in "update" folder. But now the game is crashing, when i'm clicking on a shortcut. Can you give me some suggestions?
  12. I'll send you those files after the auto school.
  13. And also, when i'm trying to move army/building position - it's crashing.
  14. One more question. Why are some borders not displayed normally? Is there something wrong? Dots on dots. Even if connected to each other, there is still some shit.
  15. Lands. Not oceans. Could it be bad, because of the dots in map editor? I put one dot on other.
  16. God Wersjon, please, help me. I have an issue about these provinces. They're normal sized in map editor, but ingame it's not. First of all, provinces don't have borders, what actualy i did wrong. 2200x2600 on L&R.png files.
  17. Sorry for stupid question, but how can i make this sea borded more correctly?
  18. What the heck? Help me to fix this. (I've got all 5 provs in update, updatePb and provinces folders, but ingame it only shows me 3 buggy spots).
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