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  1. There used to be a pic, but idk what happened to it
  2. Title says all, I want to know, I'm interested! Here's mine!
  3. Hello everyone! I've been intrigued with Papers, Please for a long time and I decided to work on a scenario with Papers, Please countries! At the moment, all I made are the countries, and I tried to match their size and positions from the map in Papers, Please to the world map in Age of Civilizations 2 as best I could! I'm still working on events and all that, but any suggestions are appreciated!
  4. X'D That's what they all s- More books? Cool!
  5. Same here, my current one succcckkkssss ...actually, same here, dude. Me when I played AoC for the first time XD Japanese? Oh cool, I'm also learning Japanese so I could help you out in some ways! I say that I wanna get back in shape every new year but that never happens. XD
  6. Wow, even your AI Byzantine recked AI Ottomans? :0 that happens to me too
  7. Did you try building a large army around the borders of the union? Building castles and watchtowers can come a long way in preparing for an enemy attack or preparation for attacking a neighbouring nation.
  8. Played both, it was harder for me to play as the Emus, but they're both evenly balanced in a way for me.
  9. Look at those other large deaths...Turkey has almost 1M deaths... :0
  10. Awesome! Can't wait to see what events you come up with!
  11. Spectator mode saves the struggle. But it's pretty interesting to see you play as a country in a Total War-like scenario! And yes, the notifications can get tedious and annoying, haha.
  12. Arstotzka from Papers Please is a country available in Scenario Editor (Although probably a lot of people already know this)
  13. Woah, good find! And I thought I managed to put my 1 man army in every sea tile available ._.
  14. Except for the island civilizations, they just chillin while watching all hell break loose
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