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  1. I have idea. we need different types of democracy and communism, for example social-democracy and democratic socialism. for communism you can add anarcho communism or juche.
  2. There were two tcars called nicholas, if thats ww1, you need to add nicholas ll
  3. wtf are all these chinese letters, lets all report this before they capture our beautiful forum!
  4. but bots always attack with 100% and this makes border gore
  5. not only allie,Just imagine how nato will do it
  6. Only one meme - when you see borders after AI only timelapse
  7. THats some of my suggestionsall reichscommisariats must be german vassals, there would be an indenpendent russian state in the west Siberia, iberian union wouldnt exist, or its leader is Franco.
  8. When you look at a border after AI peace conference
  9. March on in AoCers united front for you are AoCer tooo
  10. So left two free, so left two free...
  11. Берешь, включаешь режим наблюдателя, скорость ходов на максимум. Сидишь, нифига не делаешь и ждешь. ГОТОВО! test video.fbr
  12. I want to ask you for one thing ask lukasz for this armies doesnt lose 100% after unsuccesfull attack or defense attackers lose 20% if they lose Defenders (if they lose) lose 50% and retreat that would be make able stabil fronts to exist how do u like an idea?
  13. А демократия стоит по умолчанию?
  14. как создать цивилизацию так, чтобы она меняла флаг в зависимости от идеологии
  15. You already can make "Choises like in HOI4" by events
  16. Скачай мод - говорили они. он реалистичный - говорили они
  17. Окей, я хочу сценарий на 1921 год, типа С ивентами на союзный договор и марионетка советского союза в приморье
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