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  1. Since i posted same thread but nobody responded ;-;. I still need some help about making maps in AoC2. All is explained in link above
  2. xillmisa


    Vot, es tas esmu!
  3. The '"how to create map" megathread is dead, but i need your help, i was creating terraformed Moon map with all proviences. i've added backgrounds to "backgrounds" folder and more. When i open AoC2, it crashes immediately. Correted config files and still crashes. What's wrong with my map? look at my attachment. Moon.zip
  4. yeah yeah, it's 1st may for euros, but it is supposed to release today, and it didn't.
  5. Rebels sometimes occur at random territory and tries to get independent. I was playing WW2 map and somewhere in Africa rebels formed Belgium :P
  6. Don't release it as vassal.
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