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  1. Hello you all Beautiful People! Ive returned to say that soon enough ill start working on 1715 version 0.7 This version should include Africa but be warned that ill have to make it from scrap The rest of the version (0.9, 0.10) should include Both of the Americas and perhaps smaller updates to these versions like a 0.10.2 The Official release version, 1.0, should also include more events than the existing one! So please have patience
  2. I sadly announce that the 1715 Project is cancelled as of right now. Ive lost my map and im preo8cuppied with other things like school. I am truly most sorry!
  3. This is happening in 1715 a few years after the seventh Venetian-Ottoman war where Venice annexed Moreia!
  4. Okay so the new update for 1715 is going to be cancelled for a little while seeing as i have exams at school and the research is going slow

    I dont know when the update is going to release but thanks for waiting!


  5. Yes i did! Already started work on Africa but its gonna be a pain because of lack of information
  6. What the hell is it with all of the chinese posts
  7. Welcome to 0.5! This Version Includes: ● Europe ● Asia ● Venetian-Ottoman War ● "Surrender of Sweden" Event ● A Monarchist France! ((With decapitations and Revolutions Guaranteed)) ● HRE ● Great Northen War ● Official Release Date: Waiting for Workshop ((And most likely after 1.0/1.5 if it comes out)) Next Version: 0.7 0.7 Should include: ●Africa 8
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    Hmmm i do own a PC though
  9. KorBoogaloo


    Of course! Ill release it as soon as the 1.0 comes up ((It should include all of the continents, multiple events and tribes)) Also as soon as i know how to release them...I work on adroid
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    Thank you so much!
  11. So because i know nothing when regarding this forum i have to make a new post
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    Welcome to 1715 Boy! My First ever scenario! For now all it includes is Europe and i call it Version 0.1 •Version 0.1: ● Comes with Europe ● Great Northen War ● Swedish Cores ● HRE •Version 0.5 (Work in Progress): ● Adds Asia ● Venetian-Ottoman War ● "Surrrender of Sweden" event ● "Surrender of Russia" event ● Addition of Parts of Siberia as "Wastelands" ● Border fixes if there are any problems with the current European ones ● Making France a monarchy again I'll be adding more content in future upda
  13. Is there any problem if i make the HRE one country? (Without the austrian part)
  14. Okay so theres already a 1680 Scenario and idk if its any worth trying a 1656. Is it okay if you give me another years or? Also idk what to do with the HRE
  15. Aight my dude Ill be working on my phone tho
  16. So i want to make a scenario and i want some ideas please
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