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  1. Well yeah i already planned unimportant nations to not be covered (Like tribes)
  2. I did a poll exactly about this however most of the people didn't want a version without the custom flags so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Small things in romania: Drobeta-Turnu severin is in Serbia, Suceava is in north of bucovina instead of south bucovina, Bucharest dosen't exist. There is a city named Bacau in North Muntenia however it is actually a city in middle Moldova (Region within Romania) maybe you refered to Buzau here since they are preaty similar and Buzau is in that location where you put Bacau? Anyways hope these get fixed 👍
  4. well that's the only way
  5. It is impossible trough Norvagen has made a custom system that alows that. Just isn't released tho
  6. You are an alt account of that other hater right?

  7. Tell me one way it can be improved in only the files we can change
  8. Can you just stop insulting people like that? You can still have an opinion but that dosen't mean your's is the correct one aka everyone thinks what they want to think. And expressing it in a insulting way can make you not liked in the near feuture which is right now.
  9. Can't wait for the mod to be released : ). Also i suppose there might be some alternative scenarios from HOI4?
  10. Actually if you use it for personal use then you can just extract the --- of CII and insert the bgs in there (there are many tutorials on youtube so you should find easily what to do)
  11. Hey, small unrelated to the mod question: How do you make an app file for Android without overwriting the normal AoCII app?
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