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  1. ...FOR REASON IN REVOLT NOW THUNDERS... 1851, Karl Schapper, along with the Communist League, including Karl Marx, and the workers of Sheffield, England began a mass strike, followed by a revolt that sent a wave of revolution across the world. The revolt and short-lasted worker's city lasted for 33 days, but it's ring was heard across the world. The communist league was exiled and they fled across the world. Marx and Engels, along with the majority of the Communist League fled to South America, the rest of the League fled to the USA and the Middle East. 1871, ten years later, the wo
  2. I don't know if this has been changed in an update, or if this has been noticed by the dev, or anyone else but the months go like ...june, july, SEPTEMBER AND THEN AUGUST! I dont know if this has been fixed or not but if not please check it out and fix it fast!!!
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