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  1. When I tried to create a ww2 scenario that had events, and then make a Cold War scenario based off the ww2 start, I check back and the more accurate ww2 scenario is gone. Where did it go and can I get it back?
  2. You do realize it has been nearly 6 months since he said iOS would be done and nearly 2-3 months after he said it works. Honestly, I found this funnny.
  3. Okay, when it aoc2 was late, I was calm. I said that every game developer has a setback or two. That was January. It has nearly been 6 months since you said you would release it and nearly 3 months since you said it works on iOS. Every developer has setbacks, but they don’t have 6 month setbacks. So, what is the problem. It is not the App Store still reviewing the game, as it takes at most 1 week to review. Unless you lied, the game is done for iOS, as you said here and on facebook. So, tell us the truth and update us on progress, I want this game, WE want this game. So either tell us why it h
  4. And if I have already milked all of the replay ability that gamed offered?
  5. Last one for awhile, please respond in meme please
  6. Maybe I have been playing to many westerns but this sound familiar, and I don’t think it turned out well
  7. I’ll stop if you make me make an original meme
  8. I guess that kind of makes sense, but why wouldn’t he say something like, “aoc2 still has some problems, will be released around x/x/xx” instead of just, “it works” and be done with it.
  9. But why not, if it works he should submit it.
  10. I would understand if the game was so big it couldn’t be reviewed in a month or so, but players and YouTubers have already explored the android and pc versions, and the iOS version “works” so it shouldn’t be that hard to upload it to the AppStore. Especially with the type of games that get on the App Store in the first place. And if Apple is so “strict” like he says it is, why can games like Rome Total war,Barbarian invasion,Alexander Total war, civ 6 and this war of mine get on the App Store and not his. Yes he is one man, but that would depend on wether the game is coded yet or not, which h
  11. https://www.agicent.com/blog/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-an-app-into-the-app-store/
  12. How about this Lukasz, release it by Easter then all will be forgiven.
  13. I has nearly been 2 months since you said that aoc2 works on iOS, could you please at least give us a release DATE. Not soon, not later, an actual day, month and year.
  14. https://airmore.com/play-android-games-on-iphone.html I thought I found the holy grail and then I read the article
  15. Iosplayer2019

    Here you go

    https://forum.unity.com/threads/port-game-from-android-to-ios.165363/ from what I can tell, it can cost a lot, but shouldn’t take as long as it has for you to upload the game to iOS.I understand you are one man but this is getting excessive the amount of time it is taking.
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