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  1. Im working to transfer scenario on computer, I will probably give you download link for some next days
  2. So, can you give me some map of this, how it should look?
  3. There isnt 😢 Its made on Android I wilk give when Lukasz will give us function of exporting scenarios
  4. Thanks, edited this and added 5 more events 🙂
  5. Yeah, but I am planning to add many events: Line of Corsica events, USA events, Britain, India, Russian, Polish, Prussian and some more French! If you have any ideas, tell me
  6. On Android you need root to do it, but what with people without it?
  7. I am working on 1789 (Age of Revolution) scenario. When Lukasz will let us share scenarios from Android, I will give you Beta version. If you can give me some advice about map in Asia or Africa, I would be pleased. If you have an Idea for events or something - write to me.
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