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  1. You have to conquer them by declaring war (if you are powerful enough)
  2. this is recently happening to me too, and i dont know how to fix it.
  3. Romania borders with Russia Belgium had less land Russia had Finland and the Kola Peninsula Sweden and Norway weren't united wth Montenegro had less land Persia had less land Spanish colony in Africa was smaller Belgian Congo had more land in the west Ethiopia is just wrong Ottoman Empire had Qatar and Cyprus Italy had more land on the border with Austria Whare are Monaco and Andorra? I hope this helped Dont take this as a hateful comment, just trying to improve. The rest is awesome. Good work!
  4. i mean its turn 2 and you already have all of america, did you create scenario or did you use command in console
  5. one more is in japan, but i fixed it in the editor and i dont know where exactly it is but i remember it is in northern japan
  6. i saw you post this on yt and twitter love it
  7. Yeah but a question, how would it work, do you have a limited time to do your turn? And if you do, then a player can declare war on you in the last 5 seconds and you wouldnt have time to recruit, and if every player has a separate turn, it would take too long for a turn to pass and when you declare war on someone who has already done his turn, it is simply unfair. Please explain
  8. i went off course
  9. Its because i didnt update it, i have a Lenovo from the factory and i dont know why it still shows that
  10. Lets just say i conquered half of India, but there's no peace treaty and they have no troops, you can just go into Peace Negotiations and vassalize them, get your relations to -10 and demand annexation, and you will get all of its territory, i did it for British Raj in my Japanese world conquest (previous topics check my profile) and it still works, i discovered it in the first week of playing and i've been trying to conctact Lukasz but i just didnt know how. If you didnt understand i'll just send a video of me doing it.
  11. but theres no 'Annex' command or anything close to it, i think
  12. the font is the best part comic sans intensifies
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