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  1. I still don't understand how to use it! Can you help me ?
  2. Can someone explain me how to use Y, Shift and Q key in map editor ? I have discord and skype. there you can contact me if you want to help me. DISCORD: DancheZi#8605 SKYPE: dance.matija@gmail.com ( Danče - nickname )
  3. That's right. In the game , capital of BIH is Tuzla, but in reality it's Sarajevo 🙂
  4. Is there any way to make higher population growth than 100% ( for example 400% and etc: ) ? If anybody knows , please reply here 🙂
  5. Hello guys ! I have a problem - My game gets stuned at 99%.Is there any fix to this? My game doesn't crash but it rests at 99% forever...
  6. Dear Lukas, I would like to know with which versions of android is AoC2 cross-compatible because on my Tablet ( SM-T113) which is quite good device, I can't play your game. Is your game avalaible for 4.4+ Android users ? Can you fix this ? My device is compatible with even latest strategy games (like Kingdom Rush Vengeance for example). I also have uploaded image on which is written that my device is incompatible. I hope that you will read my message ! Danche
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