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  1. Asek

    Population Decline

    What causes a decline in the population: Too low spending on goods To many diseases attack your country How to stop this from happening: Increase spendings on goods Build farms where the population growth % is the lowest. You can check it in the map mode 'population growth'
  2. Asek

    How to get peace

    Well... You have to defeat the other country or just surrender as your whole territory is taken. Unless there's a way to interact with the save file but I don't know anything about that. Btw this is a reason why you always should never start the war with more stronger countries by yourself and to make sure they won't invade you keep the relations cool with your neighbouring countries.
  3. I'm not sure what do you mean. AI that I play with after a while assimilates people in the newly gained province after the peace conference. If you mean while the war is going on then you and AI can't assimilate provinces while in war because they're still unstable territories. You and AI only can assimilate their non-in war provinces.
  4. Łukasz is right, ku**a on those bugs. 800 × 450 800 × 450
  5. While playing on the 1440 scenario map, I've discovered a bug that allows troops to get from the Boun Neua province straight to the Lincang province even tho they aren't bordering each other. I haven't touched the Map Editor so I guess it happens on other computers as well. I'm re-sending this from my twitter. I guess because Łukasz also asked to write 'how to reproduce it'... Soooo... You have to create units or transport them on Boun Neua province and try to move it. Ok, I'm gone, it's the end of this post, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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