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  1. Hey man, fellow mod developer of this overall dead game. Honestly if one dude mass disliked your posts, that shouldn't get such reaction from you, especially since people were waiting for this and had expectation. You should generally expect people to act in a way you, for some reason, don't like in any place on the internet. Nobody should let the game die for that (starting from the point that the game is overall dead anyways). You did a good job and your projects were interesting. A shame they ended like that.
  2. Me gusta mucho la idea de un escenario fant√°stico. A pesar de las herramnientas que trae el juego, no hay muchos escenarios fant√°sticos. Jugar con naciones nunca antes vistas suena interesante. Te deseo lo mejor!
  3. Trigger AND: the conditions must ALWAYS be true. You can see it as "YES or "TRUE". In a event, every condition marked with AND must always happen in order for the event to trigger. Trigger NOT: the conditions marked must be false in order for an event to trigger. If the condition is, for example, "X nation is at war", then the event will trigger if X nation is NOT at war. Trigger OR: this one is surprisingly less common if you are going to make many events. It means that either A or B conditions, for example, must be true. As I said I'm not 100% experienced in the use of this one sin
  4. My enemies are many. My equals are none. In the shade of olive trees, they said Italy could never be conquered. In the land of pharaohs and kings, they said Egypt could never be humbled. In the realm of forest and snow, they said Russia could never be tamed. Now they say nothing. They fear me; like a force of nature, a dealer in thunder and death. I say, “I am WINNIE. I am emperor". Burn it.
  5. Diarios del desarrollador 3/29/21 Bastante tiempo ha transcurrido desde la √ļltima actualizaci√≥n p√ļblica. He decidido que, en vez de publicar cada vez que tenga una actualizaci√≥n grande, voy a publicar avances m√°s peque√Īos, individuales, con el fin de mantener el inter√©s en el proyecto. Amazonas impasable Una nueva mec√°nica hecha con tan s√≥lo dos eventos permite bloquear la regi√≥n del amazonas. Esto es para que, en una guerra entre Brasil y otro pa√≠s, sea imposible mover unidades por la regi√≥n, tal como en la vida real donde ser√≠a impensable ejecutar operaciones a trav√©s de esta zona. E
  6. Tienes raz√≥n, pondr√© m√°s actualizaciones cada tanto tiempo. Desde la √ļltima han habido avances pero no los he anunciado.
  7. Playing as Westfold which was the nation showcased in the "leader removability" video. Played all the events for that nation and no sign of "death of Halfdan the Black". Was leader removability really implemented into the mod? I want to see it ingame since it seemed like an original concept.
  8. ¡Gracias! Sí, para que cada nación tenga tal mecánica tendría que hacerse un evento para cada guerra civil de cada ideología de cada país, por lo que te puedes imaginar que son bastantes eventos. Sin embargo cuando compartí esa mecánica tenía una idea muy diferente de cómo progresaría la partida: en aquel entonces apostaba por un sistema muy abierto, los jugadores avanzaban en la historia mediante eventos vagamente conectados entre sí. Ahora el sistema es muy diferente, más lineal, el jugador selecciona qué tipo de historia ("ruta histórica") de su país quiere jugar. Por lo que, una guerra civ
  9. Como está el mod actualmente, se podría jugar con todas las mecánicas que hasta ahora he querido implementar, pero no hay casi historia hecha que es el principal enfoque del mod, por lo que no veo mucha gracia en presentarla ahora
  10. Hola. S√≠, el proyecto a√ļn sigue vivo, en el servidor de AoHsp hablo m√°s sobre √©l https://discord.gg/Pfybfmu
  11. I'm not able to make any mods for the moment, but if you say you are having issues feel free to send me a PM so I can help you
  12. Yes, feel free to. You can modify it too if you wish.
  13. Gracias! Sip, en el Discord de AoHsp hablo m√°s de cerca sobre el desarrollo
  14. Sure! I made this without too much detail, so you can feel free to modify it too.
  15. Hola! Amigo disculpa, a pesar de que tengo el post en "follow", no me salen las notificaciones cuando alguien responde aqu√≠. Apenas veo esto un mes despu√©s! Respondiendo a la pregunta, al mod le est√° yendo bien. Dentro de poco de hecho voy a publicar una actualizaci√≥n grande. Te recomendar√≠a, si tienes cuenta, unirte al Discord de AoH2sp: https://discord.gg/Pfybfmu . Ah√≠ hablo frecuentemente del desarrollo, y publico los peque√Īos avances. Ac√° solo espero a que tenga varios avances para poner una actualizaci√≥n.
  16. Hmm that's weird. Maybe its as you say different on the mobile versions. I tried this with a friend and it worked for him too. It was before the name change, though. So it might have also to do with the new version changing something
  17. I believe that if Lukasz is really going to do another game, be it the citybuilder or supposedly AoH3, my number one tip is get a development team!!! If he wants to make a quality game, more profitable even, he cannot do it by himself. And he needs to redeem his infamy and lost community in order to be popular again, nobody is going to buy his newer games if he keeps his actual ways.
  18. Fixed, the images, when shared here, do not have their original resolution. I have uploaded now a .rar file which contains the proper images. Sorry! and enjoy the background
  19. Simple and Soft Background To install, backup and replace AoC2_L and AoC2_R in map/backgrounds, then replace with Simple and Soft background images. backgrounds.rar
  20. I doubt he will ever answer sadly, but yeah I wonder why he's doing that. The first one may have been due to copyright, but this one seems like due to "Age of Civ 2" sounding too bad comments.
  21. Oh no, now you need to fix the title, it's not Age of Civilizations II anymore, it's Age of Civ 2. Same goes for all mods I guess!
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