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    AoCII Updates

    I know this is a very early time to ask this question, but how long would the game be supported with updates adding new stuff? Considering the fact that users will be able to upload their own scenarios to the steam workshop and this way removes the need of new scenarios being added to the game, will there be new features added to the game over let's say the next year or two, or will you simply let the players mod the game into absolute oblivion to the point where there will be a mod that changes every texture to Thomas the Tank Engine?
  2. Happy New Year! Also enjoy your new year if you're from Japan or Australia
  3. Yeah, or simply have a section on your profile called "mods" with all of the mods, scenarios etc. you created for the game and uploaded.
  4. Yeah I think you should be able to choose your flag and maybe even choose from a few meme flags
  5. I'd say you could be able to do something like this using the events menu. Many things can be done using the events menu. It's the answer to most of these problems. The only problem I have with the menu is that it's a bit confusing at start and is fairly hard to get a grip of. Once you understand it though, you should be able to do wonders. Yes, even possibly create a political party system.
  6. I'd say Lukasz might start a small staff team in January or February once the workshop opens and the game becomes very lively
  7. You can actually create events in the game, so you should be able to do this. I was playing around with the events menu a bit, so I think once I get my game back up and running I should be able to attempt something like this.
  8. Unfortunately I won't be able to now as my graphics card died and AoCII will not agree to run without it but luckily I managed to have a file on my PC that looks close enough to it 🙂
  9. Can some of you guys playing it on Android say how much ram/what phone do you have an how well your game runs for reference? Would be useful as my phone is a few version behind and would be useful knowing how different phones play the game.
  10. I have finished the benelux region, this project might end up being so big I might create a discussion of my own. I am doing everything by hand, drawing every single pixel by hand. Literally, using my drawing tablet. I am going over a map and drawing everything slowly myself.
  11. You could've just added that as an additional idea to the other post, though
  12. Currently creating this map. Done with Netherlands, it's around 40 provinces right now.
  13. I actually did a similiar thing but nowhere near to scale as you did. My scenario had around 270 civs and was fairly balanced with them, having logical reasons and lore behind why every place left. I guess this is cool for people that like to form countries and play around the borders a lot.
  14. I am not sure if Lukasz would want something like this in his game, though. We would probably need a modder to do it instead. it is a bit extreme and even if it is historically accurate and would improve the game, I am not sure if he would want genocide to be an option in his videogame. It doesn't sound right. It' would be a good addition, but I am not sure if he would go as far for the community as adding in Genocide.
  15. To balance it out, it would severely take down the happiness of the province.
  16. In trade I think you can set it to declare a war with another country for something else. Assassinating leaders could be interesting and would lower the stability/happiness of a country, but it would have to put in a new leader. Maybe it would require a random leader generator? That would be an extra amount of effort. Religion could be a yes or no, assimilating provinces is in my opinion a very annoying process that isn't very helpful or have any fun in it at all, but I understand why it's there. If religions also brought another assimilating issue, it would be almost impossible to d
  17. Mainly any country with high enough technology can colonize, but they also need the money to do it. It kind of narrows it down to countries with high technology and a big amount of money, which is usually the bigger and more power countries. I do see countries like South Korea colonizing places though, which is odd. But I am not sure how you would balance it out so smaller places do not colonize. Maybe growth rate? Maybe province amount? It would have to feel natural and not artificial like "You need x provinces to colonize".
  18. I could try doing something like this.
  19. My Graphics Card died and I have the OpenGL problem so I can't play AoCII until I get a new one somewhere in early Jan. Kinda sucks but at least I can be here.

  20. You may want Vaccines against plagues, but can we get American moms against vaccines?
  21. There was a post like this already in the same section called Religions by a user called Australia. Kinda defeats the point.
  22. haha i do not sleep


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