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  1. looks like the stuff that the creators of CS:GO are on
  2. This is actually one of the only ideas I seriously like on this forum
  3. im still waiting for frontline + heavy update
  4. neither am i affiliated with donald trumps 2020 campaign

  5. nor am i affiliated with the ilovethisgame2 account

  6. i am not affiliated with the banana account in any shape or form

  7. That's what I am doing with my ATDF Scenario. It's a pretty big pain in the ass though, prepare to copy a lot of the same events over and over again.
  8. the ow my eyes award goes to scenarios and maps that are either unrealistic or have so many little states that it ows my eyes

  9. The entire idea of AoC is that it's a casual strategy game. I think you might be taking the game to a standard like HOI4 or EU4. It's meant to be a simple casual game to play when you have nothing else to do, it's not meant to make you dive into deep strategic thinking.
  10. Pretty sure modifying the game is practically impossible on android. Unless you wanna dive deep into the folders of the app and experiment with code, there isn't a widely known way of modifying the game for android, explaining the lack of mods for it.
  11. I agree with Wersjon on the ranks. I do think there needs to be a rank for actual contributors and people who contribute to the community as having a lot of posts or reputation does not mean you are contributing to the community. The Contributors rank would be good in this case.
  12. I agree with the post above, AoC should be kept simple and to be customized by the players, I am not sure how you could add different combat units without screwing up the game's core mechanics and ideas.
  13. >California not socialist okay you didnt have to point out that its a fiction that hard
  14. The sea provinces seem a bit OP, I would cut most of them in half. Otherwise, great mod!
  15. Yeah but phone apps are not as customizable as pc games. You would need to actually CODE. Most of the modding the AoCII community does is changing a few files here and there, all of the code is already written by the game author. Phone apps can not be written in a similiar manner. Also, mods for AoCII at the moment are written in a way where you drop the mod folder into the game folder. On Phone that would be way more annoying and would take ages to do. Steam has Steam Workshop where you can upload your mods and the Workshop does the downloading for you. On Android something like that would ta
  16. i drank all of my fanta

  17. That could probably be a nice idea. Since it's a pretty small area I would include a good chunk of China aswell probably.
  18. You can go to the editor, go into game editor and find unions. In the Unions tab is a list of all unions you can create and how to create them.
  19. Yeah I dunno what's up with that name. Even the wiki article says Kim.
  20. Great idea! If you need help with the map, you can reach me out.
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