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  1. tbh about 8/10 It's an amazing strategy game for it's price, but for a game, it's pretty broken. Partly because players don't fully report their bugs etc. It is great but base game lacks a lot of stuff. Only viable scenario is 1440 because all of the other scenarios are extremely boring. The real-time-strategy element is put in the game fairly awkwardly, It's simply a billion times better to use turns in it's scenario because almost every single decision you can do is based on those turns. There is almost nothing you can do inbetween them. Hearts of Iron IV for example has many trees, ran
  2. Considering how factions work in AoC2, the nations will probably not join any of the factions as they would be too big. They are programmed in a way where only 2 to 3 nations would be even near accepting joining a faction due to other allies. I am pretty sure unless Chexier re-scripted the alliance system, the factions will not get any bigger. He might add scripted events though, which might give other nations a chance to join either faction
  3. just wait for the greater europe map to come out lol, thats gonna be interesting
  4. I am not sure if you can. If you can locate the game files and if they look the same as PC, you should be able to just drop the files into the folder. Android and iOS are not made with modding in mind, as they will not support Steam Workshop (obviously)
  5. It might be a problem with your files or your version. Make sure you update the game correctly. The only bug I had up until now was the army bug where if you skip too fast through your turns your army disappears. It might also be something with the game running too much info and glitching out. The game is not too great at handling big numbers, switching to Rome might screw up something in the files and cause a bug with relations. That's as much as I will help you as I do not know a single line of code.
  6. I don't know, I never encountered the bug myself. If you want any help you should explain how it happened, when it happened, how it looks like etc. so we can at least track down the reasoning behind the bug. We can not help you with a bug unless you provide info about it. That's how it works for literally everything.
  7. Sure. You can follow the development of the map in one of the topics below/above this one by the name of Greater Europe Map
  8. San Marino, Vatican, Monaco, Andorra, etc. will all be a part of the Greater Europe Map. I also take requests there for other provinces.
  9. Liechtenstein might have one province here, but it will have 2 provinces in the Greater Europe Map Project.
  10. Yeah, if you would have a faction you're friendly with near your enemy, it would extremely boost your alliance probability, meaning that the closer a nation is to your enemies, the easier it is for it to join your faction.
  11. Hey guys did you ever hear of this thing called Fanta Pink Grapefruit?

  12. ($Jake$)


    pizza marzia roman empire
  13. 55 hrs, all of it is playtime. For a good time I couldn't play it since graphics card died and I had to instal a new version of OpenGl, so in general I lost around a month of game time. In that time I moved to Smash Ultimate where I got 40
  14. Nice version of the "World on Seperatism" idea. I guess I gave my scenario a spin by making it severely satirical, but as I see this isn't too serious either.
  15. There will be so many provinces in Europe inaccuracies will definitely be not a problem. I usually first draw the divisions of the given country (eg. Polish Województwa) and then I divide them up even more. The provinces are based off of modern borders, but you should still be able to recreate older countries as well.
  16. If you want to you can propose me how they should look like/be divided up. I take requests (kind of)
  17. I should finish Poland by the end of today, which means I would be moving on to Southern Europe (Southern France, Italy, Hungary, Yugoslavia) and get those finished by later this week.
  18. Fun idea but I do not think if Ireland has 82 provinces you would be able to do the entire world. Even doing Europe would be fairly optimistic. Good luck anyways.
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