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    Pop-Up Issues

    I don't know. It's broken in some way. I think you need the correct resolution aswell. Try and paste your imagine onto the default one and see how that works out.
  2. That is the closest we have to the current one. Most of the things are the exact same as they are in-game. Until the map editor somes out, that one should be fine.
  3. Post your favourite things from Kanye West here
  4. If you want to keep updated with my stuff, make sure to join the Fight Club.

  5. There's literally a topic about it just under this one
  6. The Turkish are trying to take over this forum like T-Series is taking over YouTube, we will not allow that! Subscribe to Lukasz Jakowski and PewDiePie on YouTube!
  7. We will support Lukasz all the way!
  8. I am creating a bigger map of Europe myself
  9. ($Jake$)


  10. ($Jake$)


    jaja hola cumpleanos
  11. i dont even understand the hype of old world blues I guess HOI4 and Fallout fans are both virgin losers
  12. At least its not a Kaiserreich ripoff
  13. welcome to my mine

  14. I don't think it would be a good scenario to make considering there's 2-3 nations that are extremely overpowered, some neutral areas that are just ignored, and just looks fairly annoying. I don't imagine playing on it because of the horrible amount of work it would take to take out the other nation.
  15. Kekistan is an available nation
  16. Later this month probably. Łukasz is also busy fixing the iOS release of AoCII.
  17. That's actually also the case in games like HOI4. It's a really annoying thing and I do not understand why it's there
  18. who else would they attack
  19. Are you actually sick playing Euro Truck Simulator with a controller Also the one console I believe AoCII should be released on is the Nintendo Switch, considering the screen is a touchpad and this way could be ported way more easily than to PS4 or XONE
  20. Yeah that's one really annoying thing. Even in the original AoC after conquering the capital they fell after 3 turns. I think after taking the capital the nation should be crippled a lot, or at least change it's bloody capital after some time
  21. Hello epic fight club members we will be the greatest club on this website we will fight everyone we see lets go
  22. how can you live with that that is literally unreadable
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